Privacy policy, collection, processing, storage, protection of personal data
and the procedure for their disclosure

1. This Privacy Policy, the collection, treatment, protection of personal data and the procedure for disclosure (hereinafter -Policy) governs the relationship between the lender(SIROCO FINANCE, LLC)and you (hereinafter -the Borrower), with the text -Parties and each separately -Party that emerged with the desire of the Parties to enter into relationships and / or the introduction of Parties in legal relations regarding confidential information, personal data, which are known to the Parties in their interaction.

2. The lender SIROCO FINANCE, LLCis duly incorporated and registered in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individuals -Entrepreneurs and Public Formations.By entering into a pre-contractual and / or contractual relationship with the Lender , you acknowledge that you are aware that the Lender, has informed you of its obligations to process personal data for the purpose of preventing and combating money laundering. , terrorist financing and the financing of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

3. The Borrower is a potential consumer and / or already a consumer of the Lender's services , in connection with which the Borrower is also a subject of personal data and a subject of credit history.

4. Legislation in the field of protection of information , personal data and the like shall apply to this Policy .

5. Borrower shall provide the Lender complete, accurate, reliable and ac proj information, information and data, including personal data (hereinafter - data), and takes full responsibility for it. The borrower is responsible (including criminal) for the use of information, data and data of third parties.

6. The Borrower, as a subject of personal data and a subject of credit history, entering into precontractual and / or contractual relations with the Lender , gives the Lender its unconditional, indefinite and irrevocable consent to the collection, storage, processing, processing, clarification, distribution, transfer and perform other actions by any means of their Data, assess the financial condition and solvency of the Borrower, as well as consent to the Lender to third parties related to the Borrower family, personal, business and other relations to confirm the information provided by the Borrower and transfer to the Borrower information on the status of the loan.

7. Personal data (information) of the Borrower include (but are not limited to) the following information:

  • -Name,
  • - citizenship,
  • - date and place of birth,
  • - place of registration and place of actual residence,
  • - other information that the Lender receives in connection withthe entry into contractual and / or pre-contractual relations with the Borrower, including during the term of such relations.

8. Lender is entitled to store and process any data entered by the Borrower at Lender unlimited levels of hierarchy , as well as in mobile applications lender , including the mobile app ( together hereinafter - Site ) or provided by Lender and / or received The Borrower (using the IP address, MAC address, etc.), including, but not the Lender , the Borrower 's location data, the Borrower's operating system version, the Borrower's device settings through which the Borrower uses the Site, e - mail, login and password for access to personal and office Borrower on the Site , etc . Data retention periods are the terms established by law, but in any case not less than 5 (five) years from the date of termination of contractual and / or pre-contractual relations between the Lender and the Borrower

9 . The Lender undertakes to take the necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures to protect the Data from unauthorized and illegal actions of third parties. The data entered by the Borrower on the Lender's Site are protected by encryption using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol

10 . The Lender undertakes not to disclose the Borrower's Data to third parties without the prior consent of the Borrower, except as expressly provided by law, this Policy, as well as agreements and other documents concluded between the Parties.

11 . The Borrower consents to the Lender for the cross-border transfer of its Data. Borrower understands and acknowledges that during transkordo nnoyi data transmission, data can be recipients in other states that do not provide adequate protection for the rights of subjects of personal data

12 . Data processing of the Parties means any action (operation) or set of actions, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage , clarification (update, change ), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, granting access), depersonalization, blocking , deletion, destruction , etc. of such Data. The Lender has the right to involve third parties for the processing of Data , for the actions of which the Lender is responsible as for its own

13. In granting consent lender forth in this Policy, the Borrower understands and agrees that the said agreement includes (but not limited to) the right lender to transfer D nor any borrower so retim parties, including any credit bureau , banks, financial institutions, public authorities, debt collection companies , telecommunications operators , etc.

14. The transfer of the Borrower's Data in accordance with this Policy does not require special consent or notification of the Borrower and takes place without the notification and additional consent of the Borrower of such transfer

15. By using the Site, the Borrower consents to the use of cookies (hereinafter - cookies). Cookiefiles - small text files stored on the device Borrower, by which it enjoys Site. Cookie files are saved in the folder (directory) assigned to them. Cookies allow you to perform actions such as storing once entered data in the fields of the forms of the Site, so they do not need to be entered again the next time you visit the Site or when switching between individual functions of the Site. The borrower may reject the use of cookies by making a corresponding prohibition in the settings of his device. At the same time lend alnyk understand that rejection and / or prohibition of the use of Cookie-files on the device at the Borrower may from lead to restriction of the use of certain functions of the Site.

16. Using the Website, the Borrower shall consent to the use Lender means web analytics. These tools are used for general analysis of the use of the Site and obtaining initial data to improve the functionality of the Site, the Lender's proposals , etc. Information obtained by the Lender during the use of web analytics (for example, IP address and browser type) may be transmitted anonymously to the web analytics service server , stored and processed there. With the appropriate settings of his device, the Borrower may prohibit the relevant web analytics service from receiving data and storing cookies of such services on his computer.

17. Using Site borrower consent to the collection and processing of its data by third parties, whose presence codes can be no Ca yti lender (eg, analytical amplifying themes ( Google Analytics , etc.) , social networking and (eg, Facebook, etc.) .

18 . The Borrower has the right to receive from the Lender information about its Data, as well as about the services of the Lender .

19 . The Borrower has the right to block his personal account on the Lender's Site .

20 . The Lender reserves the right to make changes to this Policy without prior notice. The new version of the Policy will be available to the Borrower on the Lender's Website .